How long is the production time?

Production time can vary between 3-6 business days for personalized mats and 1-3 business days for stock designs.

Shipping times can vary during busy times of the year or if we get an influx of orders.  We will try to keep you apprised as to the average at any point and time.

How do you handle RUSH orders?

**Please note rush orders will only be available during non-holiday, non-peak times of the year.***

If you want to RUSH an order select the option from shipping.
For example: FedEx Home Delivery® + Rush Fee (1 Business Day Production)
This means we will produce the mat in 1-2 days and will ship it ground.

We also have the options:
FedEx 2Day® + Rush Fee (1-2 Business Days Production) &
FedEx Standard Overnight® + Rush Fee (1-2 Business Days Production) 
They will also be 1 day production and will ship either 2day or overnight.

All of these apply a $10 rush charge to the standard shipping price During non-peak times.

Where can the mats be shipped?

We can ship anywhere in the continental U.S.

How much is it to ship mats?

We charge a $13 ($14 Starting 4/1/2021) flat rate to ship all orders Fedex Ground or FedEx Home Delivery to states within the contiguous 48. Not including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico or international.

How many mats can I ship for $13?

There is no limit to how many you can ship for $13 ($14 starting 4/1/2021) so long as they are to the same location, and shipped at the same time.

Where do my mats ship from?

At this time, all mats are drop shipped from our Florida production facility.


How much is each mat?

Please look at our pricing chart here. It was last updated 8/15/2020.

You once offered quantity price breaks?

Yes we did. Recently we decided to move to a better and what we believe is an easier way to price.
If you are considering ordering bulk or quantity mats, first create a stock mat in the design(s) you would like.
This will cost you $35 per design.
Once the stock mat product(s) is created on the site and you see it in "Your Stock Mats", you can order as many as you like, in any combination, and we will ship them to you for $13, no matter the quantity.

So if I ordered 500 mats and I shipped them to my warehouse the cost to ship is only $13?

Yes. However, they will be shipped flat on a pallet. If you need boxes, or need them boxed individually, that is an extra charge.
This is a good option if you would like to sell them out of a storefront, or you are selling enough of one design that you can save money by shipping them yourself.

At what point do you stop individually boxing mats?

This can be more of an art than a science.  If you order a large quantity of mats that each have a different design or personalization, we will individually box them. We are making the assumption you are giving them to various customers.

If all the mats are the exact same design or a mixture of only non personalized designs (not just one of each) we will box them together in one or more boxes or pallets if the quantity dictates.

For quantities greater than 26 of the same design we will not individually box them unless requested. There are additional fees to individually box bulk orders. 

Please call us for clarification if at some point this applies to you.

What are STOCK mats?

If you have a non-personalized design that sells well. You may want to consider a Stock mat.

Here is how it works:

Click here to upload a design and purchase a stock mat.
$99 for a permanent stock mat or
$35 for a stock mat that is active for 3 months

Once you place a stock mat order we will create a product and place in the "Your Stock Mats" Collection. Accessible through the main menu.

Benefits of stock mats:

I have my own storefront, can I sell my doormats through here?

Yes, there are no restrictions on reselling products, you can sell through your own storefront whether its Amazon, Etsy or your very own site. 

What is flock?

Flock is a soft material for stuffing cushions, quilts, and other soft furnishings, made of wool refuse. It provides a raised velvet-like texture to the doormat.

I want to place my own designs on the doormats. How is this done?

Easily upload your own artwork to our site. The images will be put on using flock, they are not hand painted. Flock is only available in black.

Is there a minimum amount of doormats I must buy to start?

There is no minimum amount to become a wholesaler. Start with a few or as many as you like and pay as you go.

Will my customers know the mats came from me?

Yes. All mats are Blind Shipped from our location here in Florida. When your account is set up we get your logo and place than on all the packing slips.

Does the packing slip show the price of mats?

No. All pricing information is kept off of the packing slip.

How much is it to join?

Membership is free.

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