Covid 19

UPDATED 9/26/2020
Current production has not been slowed by the current COVID19 pandemic. We have added a second shift on weekdays as well as two weekend shifts.  This has enabled us to print at levels greater than pre-pandemic while at the same time maintaining the safety measures necessary to comply with COVID19 guidelines.

Although we have kept production on pace, keeping the supply line moving has been met with a few challenges. We are currently back in stock on 18 x 30 DuraCoir and more will arrive next week. We are also expecting shipments every week from here until the end of the busy season. Managing inventory can be a bit tricky at times and the pandemic just adds to the challenge, but we are doing everything we can to keep stocked. It's a top priority.

As Always we have to give you this warning:
COVID 19 is a global pandemic, and can cause unforeseen challenges. We will continue work to minimize the effects on our customers as these challenges arise.

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