Artwork Size Clarification

August 25, 2020

Artwork Size Clarification

Why does this happen and how can I make sure it doesn't happen in the future?

One of the unique things about our business, is that you can upload any image you want and we will print it on a mat.  There is no need to clear any image in advance or submit a proof request.  You upload, we print. The technology we have created through the years has enabled us to do something no other company can do.

However, we have had to navigate a few issues. This being one of them. The problem occurs because we can't be certain that everyone will upload their images the same way.  

Some will upload an image like this:

and others might upload it like this:

We needed to come up with a way to allow anyone to upload their art however they wanted, so we developed a system that "Standardized" it.  This covered about 80% of the artwork.

Now what to do about the other 20%?

We decided the best way to handle it is through our custom application.  When you upload your artwork to customify you can modify it however you like, and it sends it to us exactly as you want it, bypassing our internal standardization processes.

So why not use Customify for all your orders? 

That's not a problem for us at all. If you want to use Customify for all your orders, we welcome it.  Although it does take a little longer to render the images on the website, so we always like to give you the option to upload your images so long as they can be standardized on our side. It might save you a little time on your end.

So if you have a design that may be a little smaller, or not centered, or may not print correctly, just click CUSTOMIZE IT. 


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