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Add a Stock Mat and Add To Your Bottom Line

August 21, 2020

As if selling wholesale personalized mats to your customers wasn't making you enough money, now you can make even more!

Any non-personalized designs can be turned into a stock mat. What does this mean? 

Think of it as a standard design that we can make over and over again, so we save money, so in turn we pass that savings onto you in cheaper pricing. We are also able to "save" the screens so as the designs are ordered, we can print them faster, many times the same day.

So how does this work? 

  1. You first go to our wholesale stock mat product, here.
    select what time-frame the stock mat is good for: Forever or 3 months
    If you have a design that sells well, and you know it will sell well all year round, you'll probably want to consider the "Forever" options. 
    However, if you are just testing a new design (not sure how well you can sell it) or it is a holiday or seasonal design.  Then you can try it out for only 3 months. 
    If it works out, just "upgrade" it to permanent, or let it expire, or renew it the next time the season rolls around. It's that easy.
  2. The mats ship faster! A personalized design needs to go through a few stages before it gets printed.  Including making the screen to print the mat.  When you buy a stock mat the screens get made, so the next time that mat is ordered, it goes straight to print.  
  3. The mats are cheaper.  And last but not least, you save money.  up to $6 per mat.  Because we can store the screens, that's less work for us which means less cost.  

We are always trying to think of the better and faster ways to print mats.  and it won't end here.  So stay tuned.

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