January 11, 2021

Orders placed 12/14/20 - 1/10/21:

We are currently wrapping up orders placed on or before 12/15/20.  
We plan to have orders placed on or before 12/27 completed by 1/15/21.
We plan to have orders placed on or before 1/10 completed by 1/22/21.
We plan to be back to our standard one week turnaround by 1/29/21.
Please note these are estimations.  We have the product, equipment and staffing to meet or exceed these deadlines in place.  However, we reserve the right to extend these dates for any reason.  It is our goal to return to normal standard turnaround times as quickly as possible.  
*Please Note:   At this time STANDARD TURNAROUND is 15-17 business days.  We are working to return to normal turnaround as quickly as possible.
*Due to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we do reserve the right for extended turnaround times if unforeseen delays are experienced.  
*We are still dealing with COVID 19 restrictions, and working within CDC guidelines. 

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