Let's Talk Quality and Improvements!

November 11, 2020

Let's Talk Quality and Improvements!

We heard and we listened.

We have spent the last few months doing a "deep dive" into the quality of our mats.  Everything from the raw mat product itself,  adhesive and flock used, to the actual printing process.

We brought in experts to watch our processes to suggest changes, and worked with our suppliers to secure much better raw product.  We knew there were things we could do better.  

Over the last few months we have been incrementally upgrading the various pieces and we feel we have reached our near term goal of improving our product dramatically.  We will never stop trying to improve our product and processes, so this is the first of many steps. 

What did we do?

  1. Better quality mats - consistently: Receiving shipments of mats from overseas can sometimes be hit and miss. Great quality then not-so great quality. Sometimes all mixed together.  We were forced to separate the good from the bad, and demand better.  We have since reached out to new vendors, and had many discussions with our current vendors to ensure quality standards are met in every shipment. So far so good, not to mention we stocked up on the "good stuff".

  2. Upgrading our printing techniques:  We have been printing mats for over 6 years now, but printing on Coir and DuraCoir is not the same as printing on a t-shirt. After several sessions with experts we have streamlined our process and tweaked more than a few settings, culminating in a product print that is superior and more durable than in the past.  This upgrade had the added benefit of allowing for Finer detail. Although we are still limited on the size of text we can print, the recent changes have enabled us to get more detail into every print.  So the tiny snowflakes and small letters will look exactly as they should. 

  3. Curing: We have always known about the curing of the print and the adhesive that forms your design. However, it never hurts to get some second opinions and run some tests. And I am glad we did.  We discovered, due to the humid Florida environment, that we needed to do more to keep our mats moisture free.  This involved redistribution of equipment as well as additional processes and QC steps to ensure mats don't go out that are not fully cured.

Please continue to send us suggestions and examples of where we might have fallen short. We will continue to improve those areas where we can.  

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