Common Questions And Mat Type Descriptions

May 14, 2021

Common Questions And Mat Type Descriptions

Meeting customers expectations starts with providing them with all the information they need to make an informed purchase.

When selling our Classic and Duracoir products, it is important for the customer to understand the differences and benefits of each, and how flocking their personalization really makes the design stand out.


Let's look first at Classic Coir.  The natural coconut fibers used to manufacture this mat are naturally stain, rot, and mildew resistant.  The fibers are adhered to an all-weather vinyl backing for lasting endurance.  These mats are easily cleaned with a good shaking or vacuuming.  Any shedding of these natural fibers will diminish over a short time.  We do recommend these mats be used outdoors in an area protected from direct rain as the natural tannins of the fibers can change color when saturated.  


Our DuraCoir mats are made from a synthetic fiber that provides a no-shed option that can be used outdoors in the elements, or used indoors as the material does not shed.  This mat has a no-slip rubber backing, and at 1/4 inch thick it is great for low thresholds.  This mat is easily cleaned with a good shaking, or vacuuming.  


We personalize these mats with flock.  Flock is a very fine, felt like material.  The flock is adhered to the mat with a commercial grade adhesive and then a high-heat process.  Flock material is fade resistant to allow for a long-lasting design.  This process provides a slight three-dimensional look and you can "feel" the design, delivering a wow factor that is not achieved with paints and dyes.


See our blog post on improved quality here.

A common question is how long these mats are expected to last.  This is a tricky one to answer, as there are so many factors to consider.  Mats are meant to be walked on and scraped, and those actions do take a toll.  They also can get over sprayed with yard chemicals, sprinklers, etc.  Some endure harsh weather, while others are in humid areas.  We have had customers replace their mats every 5 years, and we have customers who replace their mats every 3-6 months.  


We will replace any mat due to a defect in the material, or premature wear (mats where the design comes off in less than 30 days).  Mats showing wear over 30 days but less than 6 months that you would like replaced, we simply ask you cover the shipping charge for your customer.  Mats over 6 months, will need to be considered case-by-case, so please reach out to our customer support team.  The manufacturing of the natural Classic Coir product can lead to small divots of the coir material releasing from the backing.  This is considered a normal part of the product, adds character and is not typically considered a defect.  We do watch the mats as they are being used for production to remove any mats that have an excess of missing divots.  However, if your customer receives a mat with an excess of missing divots, we will analyze on a case-by-case basis for replacement.  As with any replacements, please provide an image of the mat in question when reaching out to the customer service team.  While we continue to improve our processes, we are proud to have just over a 2% replacement rate for our mats.  That percentage includes defects, premature wear and even lost or undelivered orders.   

Natural Coir and DuraCoir mats are the most commonly purchased for residential use.  The added personalization provides a beautiful final touch, perfect for gift-giving.


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