WHOLESALE PROGRAM ENDING - Last orders must be placed by 1/26/23

January 20, 2023

WHOLESALE PROGRAM ENDING - Last orders must be placed by 1/26/23


Due to rising costs we have made the difficult decision to close our Flocking Production facility.  We plan to accept orders through 1/26/23 at 4pm est to allow you time to pull products from your websites.  

Please note that once the final orders are flocked, we will not manufacture any additional mats. This means, we will not be honoring any refunds or replacements.  All orders placed will be done so without warranty.  Please know we continue to properly QC all mats and manufacture to our high standards.  Replacements are less than 1/2 of a percent of all orders placed, so we do not anticipate you having issues with any orders.  We will not be honoring replacements or refunds should any issues arise, that will need to be settled between you and your customer.

We do have a large inventory of blank Classic Coir matting in 18x30 and 2x3 sizes, boxes, flocking material, etc.  We will be selling mats by the pallet, and all other materials at clearance prices once we have a final count after the last mat is shipped out.  If you have other suppliers, or would like to purchase items at that time, we will list all available on the wholesale site early to mid February.  You may also email us at service@personalizeddoormats.com and we will create a list so that we can contact anyone showing interest.

We will still be selling Logomats and Residential mats on our Personalized Doormats website.  You may visit us at personalizeddoormats.com

We have enjoyed working with all of you in the wholesale program and wish you great success.



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